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Metal Corner Guards

Stainless Steel Corner Guards
Custom Orders
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Corner Guards
2 Piece Stainless Steel w/Alum Retainer
3 Sided Stainless Steel
Aluminum Pre-Anodized Corner Guards
Aluminum Un-Anodized Corner Guards
Brass Corner Guards
Bullnose Stainless Steel Corner Guards
Diamond Plate
Flush Mount Corner Guards
PowderCoated Heavy Duty Corner Guards

For all metal products we are the manufacturer.  We don’t stock anything other than the occasional returned items.  We make everything “just-in-time” and get all of our orders shipped within 24 to 72 hours depending upon size, options and quantity.

Easy installation with either construction adhesive (mastic) or our optional countersunk holes with matching stainless steel screws.

We make corner guards from, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, (Pre-anodized or Un-anodized), Brass, and Powdercoated steel or aluminum.
  • Wings: (Slight Bend approx 1/4" from vertical edge)
  • Holes: Countersunk Holes (flat smooth look we also provide ss screws)
  • Angle: 45 and 135 degree or any other degree angles at no additional charge)
  • Finish: 2B, #4 Satin, #8 Mirror or Hand Finishes
  • Thickness: guage sizes from 7 - 20 and just about any side width
  • Height: Standard (UPSable) heights are from 1ft to 8ft 10in (106"), longer heights available via freight.

Check out our 3 standard thickness stainless steel corner guards:

(14ga stainless steel - approx. .083") 2ft - 10ft

(16ga stainless steel) - approx. .063") 2ft - 10ft

(18ga stainless steel) - approx. .050") 2ft - 10ft

Choose from our standard 90º angle and .5", .75", 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3", 3-1/2", 4" and 4 1/2" sides. Or choose any height and sides that you require and call